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Alborz Translation Bureau - Karaj

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Official Translation in Iran
Official translation in Iran is supervised by the Judiciary. A section of the ministry called the Technical Department of the Judiciary holds tests and authorizes competent translators. The translators winning the tests should attend an interview and those accepted in interviews are introduced to active translation bureaus toattend an apprenticeship period. Afterwards, the translators are granted a license and permitted to establish and run a translation bureau.
Each translator may establish a bureau only in the county he/she has applied for and should every three year extend adn renew the license.
The Process of Testifying Documents
After translating a document, the certified translator prints the text on special sheets with headings that specify the translator's particulars, including license number, address and phone numbers. The translations are sent to the justice administration of the county where an authority certifies the sign and signature of the translator. Afterward, the translated documents are sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a final approval, and then the translation is "official" and can be presented by the holder in other countries.
Alborz Translation Bureau's Services
Alborz Translation Bureau Alborz Translation Bureau is an official translation agency located in Karaj, Iran, ‎registered to related authorities. Our translation bureau is willing to develop cooperation ‎with agencies and people engaged in translation business and our certified translators will ‎provide you with high-quality services at reasonable rates.
We also provide interpreters (conference, consecutive and simultaneous) for businessmen, public officials and tourists visiting Iran or the Iranians going abroad.
Our translations cover:‎
Persian (Farsi) <> English
Persian (Farsi) <> French
Persian (Farsi) <> German
Persian (Farsi) <> Italian
Persian (Farsi) <> Russian
Persian (Farsi) <> Chinese
Persian (Farsi) <> Japanese
Arabic <> English
‎Kurdish <> English
‎Turkish (Azeri) <> English
Address: Suite 3, 2nd floor, Sefid Tower, Azadegan Sq., Karaj, Iran
Tel.: 0098 (261) 2538339 & 2558563
Cell phone: 0098 9123604235

Highiest Quality, Precision & Accuracy

دارالترجمه رسمی البرز

Alborz Translation Bureau is as well ready to provide international customers and cooperate with international translation bureaus.

Please don't hesitate to contact us through our email or phone numbers.